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All About Glass

Take a glass blowing class from us and we will show you how to shape, blow and color your project in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Glass Blowing Hot Shop Studio

Our Process

At our glass blowing studio, we are passionate about helping others learn the craft of glass blowing. We offer classes for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced artisans. Our experienced team of glass blowers will teach you the basics of glass blowing, from shaping and blowing to coloring and finishing.

Glass Memory Globes

Tier 1 $80 Each Project

Mini Glass Pumpkins, Solid Paperweights, Solid hearts, Blown Terrarium, Blown Mini Vase or Milk Jug​.

blown glass pumpkin

Tier 2 $100 Each Project

Sea Star, Urchin, Winged Solid Heart, Holiday balls (2)

Tier 3 $120 Per Project

​4-5 inch Blown Pumpkin, Large terrarium, Stemless Wine Glass, Beer Glass, Large bowl

Glass blowing

Jelly Fish Class $350 – $595

You will make your very own jellyfish lamp, which consists of a body and tentacles. The class includes all materials and a simple light fixture with light bulb. 

glass jelly fish

Unleash your creativity with glass!

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