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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our class experiences, and the studio. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please email us at our Contact Page. 



Closed-toe shoes are required. We provide safety googles and gloves. Eye glasses may be worn under our safety googles. 


Cotton clothing (or other natural fibers) are recommended; synthetic materials become quite uncomfortable due to the heat of the furnaces.

We suggest wearing layers, including a sweater or light jacket, to classes during the winter months. In summer, shorts help with the heat. 

What to bring?

Open mind and a sense of creativity!

Water bottle; please stay hydrated—especially during the summer. We also have a water cooler at both locations for refills.

Optional: a camera or phone to capture your experience

Is your studio accessible? 

If you have more questions about the accessibility of our studio, or have a disability, please give us a call or email us! We will be happy to discuss the accessibility of our studio and try our best to accommodate you within our safety requirements.

What is the minimum age for classes?

Children are welcome. Children 6-11 may make the holiday ball or molded heart class if parents are present. Children 12 and above have access to all three tiers of classes and in some cases, the jellyfish class as well.

What are class tiers and when do I make my selection and payment? 

We have broken down our classes into tiers based on the skill and size of the products. When you book your class you are reserving a spot but you do not have to pay until the day of your class. You can wait to select your projects the day of as well. We have examples of each project in the studio to inform your decision. 


What should I expect when I come to the class?

We design all of our classes specifically with the student in mind. The best way to learn glassblowing is by watching and then doing it yourself. Our classes allow for students to  watch and learn from each other, without having to wait too long for their turn.

Take the opportunity to mingle with your classmates and consider trading picture-taking duties during the experience. It’s a perfect chance to make new friends! 

You will get the chance to see finish product and select the project you wish to create. You will pick out your colors as well!

Instructors will start out by giving you a bit of background information on the process and how to navigate the studio safely. 

 We’ll explain hot shop safety zones, how to sit at the bench and use glass specific tools, then you’ll be ready to roll!  Students will then take turns stepping over to the bench to make their glass keepsake using the supplies and colors curated for this class.

Will I be able to bring my piece home with me?

Your project will need 24–48 hours to cool to room temperature, so you will not be able to take your item home immediately after class. We will ship your glass project directly to your home during the week following your class or you can come back to the studio for pick up.

Do you teach people how to be glassblowers or learn this craft as a hobby?

Our courses are referred to as "experiences" as they provide you with the chance to engage with molten glass, without the intention of training you as a skilled glassblower or enabling you to craft intricate pieces. These experiences are enjoyable and thrilling, offering ample learning opportunities. It's important to note that we exclusively offer entry-level classes.

Our instructors are trained to assist you in creating your glass item and know when and how to support you. We have found that the student's skill level can affect the outcome, so we strive to help you create something you love. If you want more shaping involvement, just let the instructor know. Our classes are suitable for all skill levels and repeatable, allowing you to learn and gain more shaping experience over time

Are guests allowed to watch?

Yes! We welcome those not in the class to stay and watch the experience like a glass blowing demo. 

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations made more than 72 hours before your event are fully refundable; those made between 72 and 24 hours before will be refunded minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before are non-refundable. Sign up as a member at booking for ease of cancellation and rescheduling; non-members please email

Full Cancelation Guide.

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